Thursday, July 30, 2009

think about it thursday....GRATITUDE!

i've been thinking a lot lately about
i don't have everything i WANT,
but i do have everything i NEED!
for example...

as my bloggers know,
my car got smashed a while back
and i, of course, would love a new one.
but finances have, at least
temporarily, put that on hold.
but it runs GREAT, it's still totally
driveable, and i'm SURE there
are thousands of people without
transportation that would love to have it!
our faucet is broken and
we need to replace it with a whole new one.
it's kinda a pain to do dishes this way
and keep it sanitary while
getting water out.
but i'm also sure there are
thousands of people who don't have
ANY running water in their homes,
if they even have a home that is,
who would be totally fine with it
our toilet needs the mechanism
(look how i used that word to imply
that i know what's wrong with it, LOLOL!)
replaced and our handyman
hasn't gotten to it yet.
but i am SURE, once again,
that there are thousands of people
who don't have a toity in their
homes and live in shacks,
or even on the streets
with little children right now
who would be just FINE with it
just the way it is!!

the next time you're looking at
something thinking
'i wish i had a NEW ONE,
i wish i had a BETTER ONE'
or something like that,
just remember that there's someone
out there who wishes they had one at ALL!

Monday, July 27, 2009


it's that time again....
i DID NOT leave the house
this morning to actually buy a
new refridgerator
cause ours is leaking and on the fritz
and NOT take any measurements
just like a silly girl!
wasn't me, i'm as prepared
as a boyscout!
i DID NOT actually ration out
a limited amount of no-bake cookies
to give my friend after being
stuck with a butt-load
after our picnic getting rained
out saturday,
and having ate them for 2 days now,
just cause i couldn't bare
the idea of them being gone!!!
wasn't me,
my 25th class reunion
is in ten days and i'm watching
what i eat!

and finally,
i am NOT at all excited
or enthrauled with another
sappy season finale of
'the bachelorette'
i, of course, am
savy enough to realize
they're all pretty much
the same and so far they're
batting average for longevity
is pathetic!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

sunday citar.....the force!

"The force is what gives a Jedi his power.

It's an energy field created by all living things.

It surrounds us and penetrates us.

It binds the galaxy together."

Obi Wan Kenobi (aka Alec Guinness)

sounds a lot like LOVE to me!

Monday, July 20, 2009

not me monday......

i DID NOT take all day to put the
laundry away....
nope, i'm a go-getter at housework!
i DID NOT continuously get
caught up in old reruns of
america's next top model
all day that i've already
seen dozens of times...
i have much better things
to do than watch reality tv!
(laughin my way thru this one,
i'm a reality junkie, sue me!)
i DID NOT chose a healthy, low-cal
frozen dinner to eat and then add
cottage cheese and a banana
to my meal cause i was
still hungry...
i'm a dainty little eater!
(insert chuckle here as well!)
and finally,
i DID NOT make a run at
7pm at night to the grocery store
cause my adorable son
wanted what he calls
'pieces of bread'....
i'm too hard-hearted
to fall for that one!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

sunday citar......FESTIVALS!!!

it all began with a parade....

with characters...

our neighbors with their karate troop...

and lots of loud fire trucks and engines...

and don't forget the ponies...

then top it off with lots of bouncing!!!


Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Think about it Thursday.....Love Languages!

i recently heard a GREAT message
by one of my favorite people....
Joyce Meyer!
she was telling how if we REALLY
love someone, we strive to love them
in the way THEY need to be loved....
another words,

for asher,
it's applause and encouragement!
such as when he's having
fun at the park...

or the work he does....

or the things he makes...

for my mom,
it's as simple as making her a
plate of her favorite food...
french toast!

i encourage you today to just
for a minute or two,
and take a close look at those
around you that you love,
and think about what
THEIR love language is
and what really speaks to them!

Monday, July 13, 2009

whatever happened to "not me mondays?"

a few of my blogger friends used
to post
'not me mondays,'
and i always loved them.....
so here's my version...

i DID NOT sit on my keester sipping
coffee til 11am when i had so much to do....
nope, it wasn't me!
i DID NOT set an open ziplock baggie
of marinating tomatoes on the
counter only to have it spill all
over my floor...
that DEFINATELY wasn't me,
i'm not that dense!
i DID NOT take my son
to his favorite park and get
so involved that i forgot
to feed him lunch....
that SURELY wasn't me,
i'm a good mamma!
and finally...
i DID NOT accidentally take a mans
spot in line to pump gas at a busy
gas station only to have him actually
get out of his car, come right up to me,
call me a liar and ignorant, while i
threatened to call the police if he
didn't leave me alone,
all while he claimed to be a police officer,
and end up crying in the grocery
store parking lot over it a
few minutes later...
that COULDN'T have been me,
i'm a toughie!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

sunday citar.....CHILLAXIN!!!

after almost three full days of

cooking 4, primping 4,

decorating 4, and attending

parties and celebrations,

all i wanted to do today was


with my baby boy!

"The time to relax is when you

don't have time to do it."

Sydney J. Harris

Friday, July 10, 2009

FUN, FUN Friday!

if you're a fan of no-bake cookies like i am,
this is probably one of the best recipes
ever for them!!!
it's my cousins and people
have raved and begged for these for years!
even if you've had or made them before,
try this recipe!
it's the proportions that make it so great!


Combine in large pan:

2 cps. Sugar
½ cp. Hershey’s cocoa
½ cp. Whole Milk (tastes the best but you can use any kind)
¼ cp. Salted Butter (again, tastes best but margarine works too)

Bring to a boil SLOWLY! This is the key to having them moist and set well, should take about 15-20 minutes to get the full boil.

Then boil 2 minutes.

Take off of heat and add:

2/3 cp. Peanut Butter (chunky or smooth, whichever you prefer)
2 cps. Quick oats
1 tsp. Pure Vanilla (can also use imitation)

Mix well. Then scoop out onto wax paper about 3-4 inch size piles. Allow to cool and set.

Tip: I mix the peanut butter and oats together while waiting for the boil mix so that they mix faster and more evenly when the time comes. The mixture sets quickly so you need to move fast!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

sunday citar.....

"Dare to wear the foolish clown face."
Frank Sinatra

don't be afraid to just let it all go
and be silly once in a while....
it deactivates the aging process!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


we all take memorable pictures of the events in our lives.....
sometimes it's an intimate setting,
and sometimes it's out in public.
so have you ever stopped to wonder how
many STRANGERS you've taken pics of....
or better yet,
how many STRANGERS
pictures YOU'VE been in before???

like this precious little guy
crying over his birthday cake
we don't know...
or the lady on the right
looking right at the camera...

or this lady,
hurrying on her way
instead of watching the show...

or the nice lady behind us
smiling with excitement
over the fun of riding the elephant...

or this cute little man
enjoying a train ride....