Sunday, August 9, 2009

sunday citar....'Friends'...+ "Four Fun-Filled Days"-Part I

well, i'm gonna overload your

blogger minds,

cause i've had four, long,

amazingly fun-filled days....

so i'm overlapping blogs!!!

it all started thursday morning,

when my baby (not so much anymore)

fininshed his summer program...

lots of parents came

and we followed along til the very end!

in his room they decorated their

lunch bags for the impending picnic that day...

then we took some time for

a rousing game of 'musical chairs'.......

asher sported his 'teddy bear' hat

cause the theme for that day and week

was 'teddy bears!'

and finally we all headed outside

for the picnic....

but to my surprise it was more

than just his room,

it was the whole darn school.....

how COOL is that!

and afterward they all

hit the playground

for one last romp!

we concluded our fun-friend-filled day

with a trip over to my friend jenney's

house to celebrate my gorgeous

God-daughter, Lila Rose's

4th birthday!!!

this was the ballerina outfit we

got for her and she could NOT WAIT

to try it on and pose for us!

and so finally our quote......

if you're not a fan of 'My Daily Bread'

you may be missing out!

it's one of my favorite ways to

get the word of God into me

in BITE-SIZED chunks!

(you can go to and

look under 'devotional' and get

a copy sent right to your home for free!)

anyhoo, i found an amazing quote about

FRIENDS just a week back that

i've been dying to post......

"I do not ask for many friends,

But give me, Lord, the few

Whose loyalty and faithfulness

Are first of all to You."