Sunday, February 27, 2011

sunday citar...."sportsmanship"

this is my son's 1st year as a cub scout...
and i'd have to say that we haven't
enjoyed anything more!
but the competition....
we were not prepared for!
it all began with the annual cake sale...
(again, new to us being our first year)
we went for the 'patriotic' themed cake...

THIS was the actual winner!!!
quite the difference eh?

we'll get em' next year!!!

then came the PINEWOOD DERBY...

he came in last cause momma don't know
how to build no fast cars!
and yet, they were both such a blessing to us....
because both times we were in a position to teach
one of those great 'life lessons'
that, as parents, we all must teach.
and the TRUE joy and spirit of boy scouts
is that we help our pack grow by supporting one another...
and the spirit of 'sportsmanship' lives on!
"One man practicing SPORTSMANSHIP
is better than a hundred teaching it."
Knute Rockne