Monday, August 31, 2009

not me monday.....

i had to take a long, nerve-racking, traffic infested
road trip with my friend down to detroit today
to retreive her broken down car. sooooo...

i DID NOT eat a 'cookie dough' pop tart
and 'combos' for lunch in the
car as we headed down there.....
wasn't me.....i eat right!

i DID NOT momentarily loose my
and goooo off on this
incredibly rude parking lot lady
who wouldn't lift one finger to
help us get my friends car out
of the garage!
not me mister, i'm a humble, gentle soul!

i DID NOT come home and see
perfectly ripened bananas on the counter
and have a smoothie for dinner...
why would i do that?

and finally....

i DID NOT buy my son some new "Pez's"
for his collection, for his birthday thursday,
and give them to him ahead of time....again!
nope, i can resist his precious face all day!