Tuesday, September 22, 2009


i have an online friend...not even sure what her name is....but i still call her friend......

she has a little boy named 'kaishon' whom she truly adores and embraces! she's a great mommy who's full of adventure, love and the perfect amount of hilarious sarcasm!

when i first started following her she had only a few followers, but now she has dozens! if you check her out, you'll QUICKLY discover why....she tells hilarious stories, post amazing photos and blogs constantly so you'll always have something fresh to read every day....stop by and see her at www.kaishon.blogspot.com

have a blessed day!

p.s. still working on establishing a totally working pc so i can download my photo program and get back to better blogging and photos!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i got nuttin'.....

well, praise the Lord,
we're back online....
unfortunately, i haven't had time to download
my kodak easyshare program and all my
pics are sitting back on the hardrive of my
old pc whose motherboard is FRIED!!!
but by the grace of God, i'd just transferred
my pics onto a stick thingy about
days before it died!
so i snatched an adorable pic from this
summer that was stored in my email to share for now.....
my little boy and his 'girl' friends, lol!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

sad to report that our pc is still down.....went kaput on us on thursday and is currently in the shop for repairs.....needless to say that asher and i are both going bonkers!!! so i'm sneaking in here on my school's computer to catch up on all of YOUR posts! blessings....