Sunday, February 27, 2011

sunday citar...."sportsmanship"

this is my son's 1st year as a cub scout...
and i'd have to say that we haven't
enjoyed anything more!
but the competition....
we were not prepared for!
it all began with the annual cake sale...
(again, new to us being our first year)
we went for the 'patriotic' themed cake...

THIS was the actual winner!!!
quite the difference eh?

we'll get em' next year!!!

then came the PINEWOOD DERBY...

he came in last cause momma don't know
how to build no fast cars!
and yet, they were both such a blessing to us....
because both times we were in a position to teach
one of those great 'life lessons'
that, as parents, we all must teach.
and the TRUE joy and spirit of boy scouts
is that we help our pack grow by supporting one another...
and the spirit of 'sportsmanship' lives on!
"One man practicing SPORTSMANSHIP
is better than a hundred teaching it."
Knute Rockne

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

red or blue????

when you're a single gal,
you can quite easily get the
when Valentine's Day
rolls around.
you can feel left out of the
loop completely.
but i've decided that
Valentine's Day
can just as easily be a day of
showing love...
to anyone at all...
kids, parents, friends...
so that's what i did!
besides, how could one be blue
when you're blessed with all of this....

first, you gather your supplies...

then you fill our your Valentine's...
(don't forget anybody!)

you sweeten the pot with some goodies
and soak in the fun times while you're making them...

you find yourself a gorgeous date
and maybe take in a movie...

you spend some time with all your friends,
eating, giggling and don't forget the hugs...

you set the scene
for tons of fun...

you tear into it with all you got...

then you twist around,
and twist around,
with all of your might!

you smile as cute as you can...

and pretty soon, before you know it,
your heart is bright red
and bursting with love!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

sunday citar....surprise!

"The first step is always to succeed

in becoming surprised,

to notice that there is

something funny going on."

David Gelernter

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


First, I must PLEAD for forgiveness
to the few, but fantastic followers
I once had before I carelessly
allowed my blog to die!
Second, I must BEG for you to
come back to momma
and show me some love once again!
And finally,
I will PROMISE to faithfully, to the best
of my ability, to create and entertain with my blogging to come. Oh, won't you join me?