Monday, July 13, 2009

whatever happened to "not me mondays?"

a few of my blogger friends used
to post
'not me mondays,'
and i always loved them.....
so here's my version...

i DID NOT sit on my keester sipping
coffee til 11am when i had so much to do....
nope, it wasn't me!
i DID NOT set an open ziplock baggie
of marinating tomatoes on the
counter only to have it spill all
over my floor...
that DEFINATELY wasn't me,
i'm not that dense!
i DID NOT take my son
to his favorite park and get
so involved that i forgot
to feed him lunch....
that SURELY wasn't me,
i'm a good mamma!
and finally...
i DID NOT accidentally take a mans
spot in line to pump gas at a busy
gas station only to have him actually
get out of his car, come right up to me,
call me a liar and ignorant, while i
threatened to call the police if he
didn't leave me alone,
all while he claimed to be a police officer,
and end up crying in the grocery
store parking lot over it a
few minutes later...
that COULDN'T have been me,
i'm a toughie!