Thursday, March 3, 2011


what does that mean to you?
who are they in your life?

are they fictional characters?
or characters from the Bible?
or are they ordinary people,
doing extraordinary things?

the little guy on the right
is one of mine....
his name is Zach
and he's one of my
adorable little
cub scouts!
he bright, energetic,
and has such an
amazing heart!
and this little guy,
my son Asher,
is another!
he loves life and people
with every ounce of his being!
he's not afraid to try NEW things,
(with the exception of new foods, he's autistic
and only eats a handful of things)
and he's ALWAYS on the go!
people who love life and live it to the fullest have always
been my heroes as well!
people who love other people,
and show kindness every day are my heroes as well!