Sunday, March 27, 2011

sunday citar....'i'm no julie'

it's been only recently that i've re-entered the

wonderful world of blogging once again.....

and with that comes the weekly occurance of


it's a wonderful idea from my adorable

friend tab @

so i'm tying another new obsession of

mine into my sunday citar

and it is

(insert drumroll here)


one of my newest and all time

favorite movies now!

partially because it's about blogging,

and also because it's wonderfully acted,

delightfully witty and adorable,

and about something i love to do....COOK!

if you haven't had the privledge, it's a must see!

(warning: this is a 'chick flick' so you may

want to wait til the men are gone)

it's the journey of how blogging made one woman

very famous! each time i see it i want to be

a better blogger....

oh, and learn how to add cool little gadgets

like count-downs to my blog!

i'm planning on a blogging tutorial some time

in the near future with one of my

other dear friends, ashlee,

who coincidentally is a blogger as well @

stop by both for a visit....they would love that!

but back to the movie...

it's set in two different eras, two different

countries, America and France,

and it's charming and addicting!

check out

for a great trailor!

it stars Amy Adams (on the left) as the real Julie Powell (on the right)

and Meryl Streep (above)

as Julia Child (on the right)

now for the citar.....

"I sincerely believe blogging can save America."

John Jay Hooker

"The influence of blogging is overall

a very positive force in the media."

Garrett M. Graff