Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WORDFUL wednesday....."you gotta friend in me!"

ok, first let me say.....
"WORDLESS wednesday" is not working for me!
pics are nice, but without the
"story," they lose something.....
so i'm changing it to
"WORDFUL wednesday"....
at least for now....

this is back to the summertime....
my dear friend JENNEY is graciously
hauling around her daughter LILA
(whom we often refer to as "PRINCESS LILA"
due to her disposition, and she's my God-daugher to boot!),
ASHER and her other daughter ALYSSA...
here's some old friends at my high school reunion...

here is one of my dearest friends to date
(and yes, i'm wearing the same dress....
in fact, i got a ton of use out of this dress this summer,
all in different social gotta love that!)...

here's her gorgeous daughter
DARCIE, playing with asher
(p.s. he refers to her as his "girlfriend," LOL!)

here's asher and his favorite old friend

and at his last birthday party we had so many
we consider ourselves beyond blessed...

Monday, November 2, 2009

not me monday!!! haircut!

i had to cut off asher's mohawk
cause i got it very, very crooked
on his last cut...
when we took a look at it,
something came to mind....BUT....

dress my kid up like a
hari krishna,
give him a tamborine
and take his picture!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

sunday citarS.....the ending to a wonderful halloween!

our final day of the holiday,

HALLOWEEN itself was filled with

spectacular fun.....

our annual trip to CROSSROADS VILLAGE,

happened to be on the very day this year....

"I think a lot more people are getting into Halloween

because it's the one time of year adults can be kids."

Craig McDonald

our first stop was to board the train....

this train has been around since 1857!!!


WOODY & HAM are ready to roll!

"As late as 1842 a train was started only when

sufficient traffic was waiting along the road to

warrant the use of the engine."

John Moody

we ALWAYS ride the merry-go-round,

it's been around since 1910!!!

and since they cannot find or make parts

that fit it properly, it goes amazingly fast!

"Lifes just a merry-go-round. Come on up.

You might get a brass ring."

Mae West

then we headed off to a party,

complete with a bounce house!!

"We can make this thing into a party,

instead of a memory."

Will Rogers

and finally a little 'trunk-or-treating' at

our fantastic church....along with our friends
and this adorable little 'lady bug',

who, if you don't recognize her,

is 'baby blue' herself from 'fresh mommy!'

"Celebrate the happiness that friends are

always giving, make every day a holiday

and celebrate just living."

Amanda Bradley