Sunday, March 6, 2011

(barely) sunday citar......26 vs. 100!

this beautiful little boy
with the gorgeous big brown eyes is
asher is plagued by the double A's...
allergies and asthma!
and as par for the course,
(32 last year)
he's missed a lot of school this year!
and i do mean a lot!!!!
this year he's missed 26 days so
far and will be missing at least
one more this week,
as he is currently sick again....
this is the great hat we made for his
100 DAY of school celebration...

sadly though, he never got to wear it guessed it....he was sick again!
"The disease that racks and wastes thy limbs,
and the sickness in thy heart,
has flown as an eagle to a far distance,
overcome by my charm!"
Atharva Veda