Wednesday, November 26, 2008

suck it up before you lose the choice...

i've been waiting to write this until the mood hit me....i decided on the eve of GIVING THANKS that it did.....

i lost a member of my family last week. for what would have "normally" been a traumatic experience, given their relationship to me and it's implied closeness, it was actually rather ambivilent. the reason why, so sadly, was i had only seen this person once in over thirty years. they removed themselves from my life when i was still a child, for no apparent reason to me and without explanation. many years of hurt and wonder followed.....

a few years back, GOD himself interveined and reconnected me to this person through a freakish, but clearly annointed circumstance. i was happy to say that with God in me i just said, "no hard feelings, let's just be thankful he reconnected us again and move on from here." sadly once again, through reasons of pride and unacceptance, they once again rejected me, and this time my son as well. fortunately, with God in me again, i just prayed for this person and went on with my life. there was nothing more i could do......

i have other people in my life as we speak that are refusing to speak with/break bread with other members of my family for the most insignifigant reasons. and i find myself looking at them and thinking, "are you gonna wait til their funeral to see them again?" but this is in reality the dilemma they face if they simply refuse God's grace in themselves and give that back to those people.

we hear it ALL THE TIME but that's because it's TRUE! life is short and on our death beds these silly little walls between us and others won't amount to a hill of beans....but our regreat for lost opportunities may be the size of a mountain!!!

i urge you tomorrow to take a moment to REALLY, REALLY, REALLY look for the good in each and every person you spend time with and more importantly, RELEASE any muck that stands between you and just giving them a hug!


Monday, November 17, 2008

people respect your convictions....

just a simple observation today....

back to government class again, lol. seems this class has at the very least evoked a lot of thought process with me...

today we were assigned two group projects. the first was to read a newspaper article on a bill passing some time back. then read several articles to be labeled with our notes from the past week. the problem was the first assignment...

this was an article on "partial-birth" abortion and NOT one i would normally care to read. i know, i can't just pretend things don't exist and hide your head, but i tend to get very emotional and sad when i'm innendated with too much yuk! part way through the article i got nauseous reading the details of the "how." so i made the decision to opt out of the assignment and loose a few points. i did do the second one in case you're wondering.

to my surprise, everyone, including the teacher himself, was not only respectful, but kind and respectful. goes to show, you can still stand up for what you believe in and have those that might disagree still RESPECT you for doing it. amen!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

limited or limitless....24/7

so having been a big fan for many years of 'American Idol,'
i am always thrilled to see people who've graced their stage,
like Chris Sly or Mendesa,
head in the direction of Christian music recording!
so i was listening to Chris' new song,
one of my favs right now,
and thought about the lyric....
"empty me of me, so i can be filled with you."
so it got me thinkin....
do you have to take something out of yourself
in order to add another component of God???
i concluded...yes and no....
in our flesh, we are extremely limited,
as if confined to a small box or something,
unable to escape.
but in our spirit, the spirit of God,
there's ALWAYS room for more of God
and we don't have to lose something
in order to get it, Jesus paid that cost already.
i've always thought, based on the word,
that we chose each day to "walk in love."
my mistake was thinking it was a daily thing you
said to yourself or prayed in the morning
and went on with your day...
i've found i have to actually chose it
every second of the day, over and over again
and actively seek peace each minute i truly want to have it!

Monday, November 10, 2008

givin it a gooooooooo....

k, so this is not my typical, deep thought blog, but i wanted to try the whole "upload" thing with a pic (with the guidance of crystal, thank you very much missy) this is our halloween entourage.....old macdonald, his pig, chicken and cow, which btw, the pig and the cow took first prize at the county fair!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

the grass is always greener.....


i'm keepin it light today, lots to i've had a slightly annoying cold this week that i caught from my adorable son, who probably got it from a pint-sized friend at church or school. the three days we just hybernated were absolutely gorgeous outside (although i have stated in bri's blog i'd prefer colder weather in november, but that's probably just me). we decide last night we're heading out today for some errands and fun time no matter how we feel. but then we get up and.....YUK, IT'S RAININ'.

then i check a little news...asher's father, his half-sister and her great mom live in denver. they've gotten over two feet of SNOW the last week or so. so the moral of the story is the same as it's always been people.....the grass is always greener on the other side until it's MASSIVELY blanketed in snow! blessings...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

i'm not the government.....

so today, of course, i'm in another discussion involving the elections and issues....dah, it's election day. here's hoping you all voted and prayerfully to boot!

the woman says she was raised Baptist and believes in the Bible but that it shouldn't be a consideration in voting....huh? i know the founding fathers sought to have a "SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE" because in their human wisdom they knew that politics and "religion" don't mix easily. i think we can ALL agree on that one, lol! but I'M NOT THE GOVERNMENT....i'm a living, breathing, spirit-filled Christian who does not believe God should be absent from ANY part of my life!!! my life belongs to HIM, all of it, and i give it freely and with gratitude.

i know it's a hard concept for some to grasp, but that distinction was meant for the government, which is supposed to be a representation of the people. i hope it will soon become clear that these are not seperate places for those who truly follow the Lord, any more than we are more than one person in who we are. we are a mixture (there's that cool concept again: see note on stew and chocolate chip cookies, lol) of all experiences and beliefs and you can't just TURN THAT OFF at a moment's notice...and why would you want to???