Tuesday, November 11, 2008

limited or limitless....24/7

so having been a big fan for many years of 'American Idol,'
i am always thrilled to see people who've graced their stage,
like Chris Sly or Mendesa,
head in the direction of Christian music recording!
so i was listening to Chris' new song,
one of my favs right now,
and thought about the lyric....
"empty me of me, so i can be filled with you."
so it got me thinkin....
do you have to take something out of yourself
in order to add another component of God???
i concluded...yes and no....
in our flesh, we are extremely limited,
as if confined to a small box or something,
unable to escape.
but in our spirit, the spirit of God,
there's ALWAYS room for more of God
and we don't have to lose something
in order to get it, Jesus paid that cost already.
i've always thought, based on the word,
that we chose each day to "walk in love."
my mistake was thinking it was a daily thing you
said to yourself or prayed in the morning
and went on with your day...
i've found i have to actually chose it
every second of the day, over and over again
and actively seek peace each minute i truly want to have it!


Tabitha Blue said...

Great way to put it. I always think there can be things in out lives though that can hinder or limit.. and when we begin to walk out of those, we walk more in the limitless!! :)

Tabitha Blue said...

Hmm.... when you go to upload, it should show the original price (double sided is 39.95) and then the sale price for right now (double sided would be 19.95). Single sided sale price should be 9.95 for 100 postcards! :) Hope that helped.

Briony said...

i haven't heard his song yet...now i want to go look it up. when it comes to emptying ourselves, i think of letting go of all the things that we tend to hold on to that only hinder us. to be empty of all the worries of this world and filled with the peace and grace of God is amazing...and we are blessed to walk in it but there are times where we have to cry out "GOD, empty me of me and fill me with more of you!" WE can get in the way...haha

I am going to look up that song right now...