Tuesday, March 8, 2011

118 days and counting......

as i was thumbing through my photos...
searching for bloggerland inspiration...
i stumbled upon the pictures of our last 4th of july celebration.
for years now, we have traveled very close to home,
to our very favorite spot of summer...
a town so small you can drive through it in about one minute or less!
it's not even a town, it's actually considered a village.
but on the 4th, they knock it out of the park!!!
this quaint, tiny little beach and hillside are crammed with
several thousand people, all ready to celebrate and swim!

there's rarely a spot of green grass left by midday time...

of course, for my little man, it's mostly about the swimming!

that goes for my friends girls too...

but as you can see, waaaay back in the corner there,
they bring in the 'blow-ups', which are even more
fun when you're wet!
they even brought in a rock wall last year!

during the day, this band played some great
old 'rock-n-roll' tunes from under the pavillion...

and near the entrance you can find things to buy such as
elephant ears, fresh-grilled hot dogs, popcorn
and various glow-in-the-dark toys and trinkets!
this chillin' beauty on the right in the green and blue,
is my best friend jenney...

and as the nights fall in,
another band took over and people begin to dance,
anxiously awaiting the boom, boom, boom
of the impending fireworks!