Friday, July 10, 2009

FUN, FUN Friday!

if you're a fan of no-bake cookies like i am,
this is probably one of the best recipes
ever for them!!!
it's my cousins and people
have raved and begged for these for years!
even if you've had or made them before,
try this recipe!
it's the proportions that make it so great!


Combine in large pan:

2 cps. Sugar
½ cp. Hershey’s cocoa
½ cp. Whole Milk (tastes the best but you can use any kind)
¼ cp. Salted Butter (again, tastes best but margarine works too)

Bring to a boil SLOWLY! This is the key to having them moist and set well, should take about 15-20 minutes to get the full boil.

Then boil 2 minutes.

Take off of heat and add:

2/3 cp. Peanut Butter (chunky or smooth, whichever you prefer)
2 cps. Quick oats
1 tsp. Pure Vanilla (can also use imitation)

Mix well. Then scoop out onto wax paper about 3-4 inch size piles. Allow to cool and set.

Tip: I mix the peanut butter and oats together while waiting for the boil mix so that they mix faster and more evenly when the time comes. The mixture sets quickly so you need to move fast!


Karl said...

Yum Yum cokkies are good for you... great job, blessings... Ps B

Briony said...

yummy! love the lil man's face :) haha
if you want me to make you a header...just let me know what you want it to look like. haha

Fresh Mommy said...

Yummy!!!!! I haven't had no-bakes in so long!! I must try these ;P


septembermom said...

Thanks for the recipe! Those cookies sound good. My kids are always wanting a cookie:) Me too!

Gerri said...

ooh yum. I love Asher's face. :)