Thursday, July 16, 2009

Think about it Thursday.....Love Languages!

i recently heard a GREAT message
by one of my favorite people....
Joyce Meyer!
she was telling how if we REALLY
love someone, we strive to love them
in the way THEY need to be loved....
another words,

for asher,
it's applause and encouragement!
such as when he's having
fun at the park...

or the work he does....

or the things he makes...

for my mom,
it's as simple as making her a
plate of her favorite food...
french toast!

i encourage you today to just
for a minute or two,
and take a close look at those
around you that you love,
and think about what
THEIR love language is
and what really speaks to them!


Briony said...

great post, it is so important to recognize how people receive love. whether it by family, friends or even-coworkers everyone deserves to feel loved and appreciated.

one of my co-workers receives love through simple gifts, so i often bring them fresh fruit or a drink. it makes their day and mine :)

septembermom said...

Terrific post! It's so true that there is a specific love language for all those in our lives. Each of my kids have different "triggers" that can be touched upon with a certain loving look or words of encouragement. Love the photos too. The french toast made me hungry:)

Karl said...

Great post... when we find the language that speaks to a life, we open their heart... thanks for reminder... your very perceptive... blessings

Life with Kaishon said...

I always loved those love languages : ) It's a good way to learn how to treat people!

Gerri said...

Great insight. Devin and I try to be conscious of that. Great reminder. :)

antoinette marie said...