Monday, July 27, 2009


it's that time again....
i DID NOT leave the house
this morning to actually buy a
new refridgerator
cause ours is leaking and on the fritz
and NOT take any measurements
just like a silly girl!
wasn't me, i'm as prepared
as a boyscout!
i DID NOT actually ration out
a limited amount of no-bake cookies
to give my friend after being
stuck with a butt-load
after our picnic getting rained
out saturday,
and having ate them for 2 days now,
just cause i couldn't bare
the idea of them being gone!!!
wasn't me,
my 25th class reunion
is in ten days and i'm watching
what i eat!

and finally,
i am NOT at all excited
or enthrauled with another
sappy season finale of
'the bachelorette'
i, of course, am
savy enough to realize
they're all pretty much
the same and so far they're
batting average for longevity
is pathetic!!!


septembermom said...

I tend to forget the measurements too! It's tough to have that many cookies around :) Sappy is a good adjective to describe The Bachelorette!

antoinette marie said...


Life with Kaishon said...

Measurements? Who knew those would be needed. And those cookies are some of my favorite kind. WOW! Next year will be our 15 year I think. I don't know if we will have one or not.