Monday, December 1, 2008

small is in the mind of the beholder....

small accomplishments happen every day for children and we as parents get the
privledge of observing them....but for a parent of a special needs child, there's
NO SUCH THING as a SMALL accomplishment!!!!
hence these photos....see a little man decorating his Christmas tree, but
independently stops to say "CHEESE", who wasn't even speaking six short months
ago! see a little boy in a santa hat patiently posing for photos who wouldn't look
into a camera for years and didn't like having his picture taken...or a little boy who's
favorite "rudolph the red-nosed reindeer" train passes by unblocked by fences
once put up in front of them because he now has the patience and maturity to just
sit and watch it without breaking it!

yes people, small does not begin to describe these every day occurances, call
them miracles if you would because they are! the blessed Christmas season has


CrYsTAL said...

Hey... Cute picture of asher in the little santa hat.
Also... I can make you a signiture & a banner if you want me too because I totally do my own stuff, LOL.

Tabitha Blue said...

Great pics of Asher... and awesome!! He's coming along so well, and growing so fast!!

"Cheese!" how cute!! :)

Briony said...

I love the santa hat..haha so cute! As for the music, I only knew a couple of them before this you aren't too far behind. One thing I love to do is widen my music range so I am always discovering new artists (whether they be new or new to me) ahaha.

Hope you are having a great day!

Tabitha Blue said...

Hey Chica!!! I've so been enjoying my time home with Aliyah... Monday we pretty much cuddled all day, or she followed me around through my list. :) Isn't it wonderful having kids.. they make life so full! I'm sure life wouldn't be as wonderful without them, and their wonderful smiles and poses for the camera :)

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh, yeah, and also, the music thing... I didn't know all of them till recently either... but they are good!

Tabitha Blue said...

You've been tagged! ...