Sunday, April 3, 2011

sunday citar......'CAKE'!!!


i've been wanting to make a post about our


since we made it for our cub scout cake sale!

this is one of my FAVORITE desserts to

make because it's so darn easy,

completely yummy,

and only as limited as your own imagination!

no real need for a recipe cause it's so easy to do....

first, gather your supplies to make two round

white cakes, any size or brand you'd like...

or if you're one of those 'stepford' women,

make it from scratch, lol!

once they've completely cooled, carefully

remove them from their pans....

then trace the pans on some wax paper

and cut out two pieces to fit inside of each pan.

(this step is crucial because if you don't do it,

then when you get to the jello part, they

won't come out of the pan)

poke lots and lots of holes into each cake

with a fork or a toothpick.

dissolve the one or two kinds of jello

you've selected into dishes with warm water.

(i've never measured this step and always had great

results, i'd guess it's about a cup or so)

then spoon over the cake and allow to dribble

into the much or as little as you like.

cover both pans with plastic wrap and allow

to chill in the fridge for at least a couple of hours...

when they're done, CAREFULLY remove

the first cake from the pan and place on the

decorating surface you plan to use...

today we made the 'flag' version of the cake...

you will usually use whipped topping for

your frosting (although i suppose you could

use frosting if you chose to) because the

combination of white cake, fruit and whipped

topping makes a FANTASTIC treat similar to a shortcake!

frost your bottom layer with the

whipped topping. we didn't do it this time,

but feel free to throw some of your

delicious fruit choice on top of this first layer

so that it's right inside your cake!

then put your top layer on and frost that too!

then decorate the top with your remaining fruit!

this was the final result of ours and it was not the fanciest,

but it was FOR SURE the first to go!

now let's use our imaginations.....

how about:

*red and blue jello with strawberries or raspberries and

blueberries for the FOURTH OF JULY?

*yellow and purple jello with lemon zest and slices for EASTER?

*green jello and lime zest and slices for ST. PATRICK'S DAY?

*red jello and strawberries or raspberries or cherries


*orange and dark purple (black cherry) jello and

dark cherries w/ orange zest for HALLOWEEN?

*green and red jello with strawberries or raspberries

or cranberries w/lime zest for CHRISTMAS?

the possibilities are virutally ENDLESS!

wondering where the 'citar' is......

"Your good friend has just taken a piece of cake

out of the garbage and eatin it. You will probably need this

information when you check me into the

Betty Crocker clinic."

Miranda-'Sex in the City'


Gerri said...

LOL!!! Awesome quote. ;) I loved this post. It does look like I could handle this one. Hmmm, I just might whip it up for the next major family holiday affair...

BeckeyZ said...

YUM!!! I just finished cutting up and sugaring strawberries for strawberry shortcake. It smells quite good in here, and now that cake LOOKS so yummy.

I can feel my hips growing as I type this.

septembermom said...

I'm so glad that your back! I missed your wonderful posts! That cake looks super yummy. Thank you for sharing!

Fresh Mommy said...

Ok, YUMMMMMM! That looks so good. I think going the boxed route for this is perfect, keepin' it easy-peasy. And fun quote! Haha.