Sunday, August 16, 2009

sunday citar...."genius!"

i want to take a moment to share my view on don't need agree, each child is different, hence, their parents are too!

we use the expression in our home,

we believe it's a part of my son, no different than his asthma, round booty or 'deer' nose like mine!

i guess one reason why my perspective may be different than others on this is that my son is extremely 'high functioning.'

how he 'works' is that he's just different, ahead of his peers in some areas, and working to catch up in others, such as speech....

one of his many gifts that continuously amazes people is his level of reading at the age of five,

i'm guessing it's somewhere around a fifth grade level? he's also obsessed with movie credits, as some of you may already know. he can easily, and quite quickly, memorize and recreate large number of credits every single day.

but what he did recently tickled me.....

he switched up and put his and my name for his latest creation.....made me giggle!

then continued on with some interesting additions, which he insisted i take a picture of as well! people sometimes use the word 'GENIUS' in regards to him which doesn't bother me one bit, lol!

"Enthusiasm is that secret and harmonious spirit which hovers over the production of
Isaac Disraeli (dunno who he is, but i like his quote, lol!)


septembermom said...

He has such a creative spirit too! Awesome post about your wonderfully talented and enthusiastic son:)

D Hawk said...

Wow, your son is a blessing from God!

lizcooper said...

Having worked with children with autism in the past, it is truly refreshing for a parent to view their child's autism as just a part of who he is! That's wonderful! What a blessing :-)

Fresh Mommy said...

He is so awesome, wow!! A creative genius!


Aleta said...

Very creative, definitely! One of my friends has a son with autism. He is a genius with math! It's just a different way of viewing the world, talents and all. :)

Gerri said...

Amazing. What creativity and sense of humor. I love it!