Friday, June 5, 2009

when uncle visits....

my brother came home from florida this week for a visit....asher has come to believe this is SYNONAMOUS with headin' out to his favorite place.....chuck e. cheese!!!

every time he's been home since moving a year and a half ago, we all go out there....since he doesn't have kids and isn't always sure or confident on how to relate to asher.....this is the perfect venue for 'BOYS TO BE BOYS' and have some fun too!!!

i love the 'motion' in the basketball pic too!!!


Fresh Mommy said...

Oh that's awesome though. Asher looks like he's totally lovin' it!! Although, how can he not love being at his favorite place!!!

Hope you'll join in on Sunday Citar tomorrow!!


Gerri said...

Uncles Rock!!!
I remember when Noah thought Chuck E Cheese's was the bomb!