Friday, October 24, 2008

when did they become "bad" words......

so what got me started on this "journey," besides the sooo cool blogs of tab and crystal, was what i'm posting first. i'm currently in intro to american government at mott. since i don't really care for politics, it's not the best time for me to take on this CHALLENGE!!!

so i sit each day listening to some of our societies young people. i must admit, most in my class are what we call "liberals." they want their parents, the government, their bosses and everyone else to give them any and all personal freedoms they desire...without consequence!

so i started thinking......
when did words like "boundaries," "rules," and "restrictions" become bad words???

so i turned to mr. webster for some answers to insight.......

boundaries- something that indicates or fixes a limit or extent.
so would the opposite be having NO limits or extents to which one would go?

rules- a prescribed guide for conduct or action.
so would the opposite be having NO guide to lead you or your actions?

restrictions- to confine within bounds.
so would the opposite be having NO boundaries?

my point being is that these are GREAT words when used correctly and we need to make sure as parents, leaders and teachers that we instill the immense value they have in our younger generation so they don't end up opposing them at every turn just for the sake of doing so.

knowing how far you would go....keeps you from going too far!

having a guide....helps you know who not to follow!

knowing your boundaries....keeps you from straying too far!


Tabitha Blue said...

I couldn't agree more!! It's amazing what some of the values have become... not so much values anymore. I really want to instill the right value system into my kids.

Dana said...

Coservative Professors are obsolete. We need to bring in more conservative Professors to teach our college kids. Instead, we have terrorists like Bill Ayres brainwashing them and imposing their views on these very impressionable minds!